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Opportunity Music was founded by Jon Crust in order to provide a service to music educators who wish to create memorable opportunities for their students. We found that often times, music educators are spread too thin and bringing in a guest artist can seam daunting. Services through Opportunity Music are designed to keep your time focused on your students. More time with your students means your students will be more prepared for the guest artist to come work with them - giving your program the most value of bringing in a guest artist.


For three years, Jon Crust was a small-town Band Director in the Staples-Motley School District, two Minnesota towns with a combined population of less than 4,000. During his time teaching, he brought in hundreds of professional musicians to his students including world-class musicians, ensembles and entire bands. His favorite thing about bringing in world-class musicians to the small-town community was the dropped-jaw expressions of his students after hearing the first sound of a musician at that professional level.


Opportunity Music started with the SaxoSummit in the spring of 2017 as the first of an annual series of instrument-specific events. The SaxoSummit featured guest Artists Derek Brown and the Ancia Quartet.  The following fall the Instrument Summit Series hosted 13 guest artists from across the country featuring the FivE Euphonium Quartet, Christopher Bill, Norlan Bewley, Half of Maniacle 4 and many more. The Finale Concert concluded with a mass low brass ensemble of over 100 musicians of all levels from middle school through collegiate and professional.

Services include;
 basic poster design, event website, online ticket sales, basic program design, search and booking appropriate guest artists, securing possible sponsors and more. We like to focus on your connection with the community. The real magic happens when the whole community is involved in making this an unforgettable experience for your students. Opportunity Music will be present the day of your event to help solve any unexpected issues.

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